Our newest Qualcomm QCS610 SoM based solution for rugged Smart Cameras

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Inforce 6320™ Application Ready Platform

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Qualcomm Snapdragon Logorohs
Inforce 6320™ Application Ready Platform
  • Inforce 6320™ Application Ready Platform
  • Inforce 6320™ Application Ready Platform
  • Inforce 6320™ Application Ready Platform
  • Inforce 6320™ Application Ready Platform
  • Inforce 6320™ Application Ready Platform
  • Inforce 6320™ Application Ready Platform
  • Inforce 6320™ Application Ready Platform

The Application-Ready Platform suited for IoE edge routers

The Inforce 6320 is a compact networking platform that supports industrial grade operating temperatures and can be easily adapted to deliver wide-ranging solutions in the IoE space like edge gateways with an option for routing capabilities to integrate connected devices. Inforce 6320 has full support for Debian and Ubuntu Core(Snappy) OSes and is guaranteed long-life with a committed supply.

Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 410E processor (APQ8016E)

Snapdragon 410E processors are designed to meet the demanding requirements of embedded computing applications with its high performance, energy efficiency, multimedia features, and integrated connectivity.

Processing power, Memory, and Storage

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™410E processor (APQ8016E SoC)
    • Quad-core ARM® Cortex® A53 64-bit CPU @1.2GHz each, ARMv8-A ISA compliant
    • Adreno™ 306 GPU with support for OpenGL ES 3.0, DirectX, and OpenCL
    • Hexagon™ QDSP6 @700MHz for ultra-low power audio and computer vision processing
  • 1GB LPDDR3 RAM + 8GB eMMC (eMCP package)
  • MicroSD card connector
  • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi, BT 4.1 LE
  • Dual Ethernet ports an USB2.0 to GbE controllers that enable Power Over Ethernet(PoE) supporting 802.3at compliant PD/PSE configuration
  • µHDMI output for HD1080p @30fps video and HD audio

Video, Interface and Connectivity

  • µHDMI Rev 1.3a for 1080p HD
  • H.264/5 playback @1080p
  • BT4.1 and Wi-Fi
  • µSD card connector
  • 2 x USB 2.0 (Host), 1x USB 2.0 (Debug)
  • Power Over Ethernet(PoE) supporting 802.3at compliant PD/PSE configuration
  • External antenna for WiFi and BT (no internal antenna)

Power, Mechanical, and Environmental

  • Power: +12V Input Socket (3A typ.)
  • Dimensions: 170mm x 95mm x 42mm
  • Operating Temp: -30ºC to +85ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant

Block Diagram

block diagram

Snapdragon 410E

The Snapdragon 410E(APQ8016E) processor platform is ideal for high-end Internet-of-Everything (IoE) devices at the edge of the network in smart homes, industrial automation, digital media players, smart surveillance and home appliances.

Snapdragon 410 processor

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of embedded computing applications with its high performance, energy efficiency, multimedia features and integrated connectivity, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410E processor is ideal for a broad mix of use cases, such as smart homes, building automation, industrial control, and digital signage. Snapdragon 410E(APQ 8016E) for embedded computing is designed for longevity. With the Inforce 6309™ Micro SBC full development kit and product-ready SKU variants, multiple solutions are available to support Snapdragon™ 410E (APQ8016E) based IoE devices from initial concept all the way to production volume manufacturing.


  • Superior performance with quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A53 CPUs and energy efficiency for long lasting battery life
  • Excellent GPU performance, with Qualcomm® Adreno 306 GPU
  • Rich multimedia and connectivity capabilities including 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wifi, BLE, and GPS
  • Differentiate with a dedicated Qualcomm® Hexagon™ DSP for audio and computer vision processing

If these are your requirements, embedded systems powered by Snapdragon 410E (APQ8016E) processors will make it easier.





  • Linux BSP Release

o   A Debian based build that provides a terminal-like environment using Linux and the LXDE terminal on Inforce 6320 platform.

o   An Ubuntu Core (Snappy) build with snaps to enable all on-board interfaces.

o   Periodic upstream kernel based BSP releases include in-depth documentation along with a host of royalty-free software.

  • The full-featured release has support for the following peripheral devices and I/Os (All features may not be supported on Android/Linux):

o   Snapdragon™ 410(APQ8016E) processor Quad-core ARM® Cortex® A53 64-bit CPU running at 1.2GHz

o   USB 2.0 based input and mass storage devices

o   WiFi/BLE 4.1

o   Power Over Ethernet(PoE) supporting 802.3at compliant PD/PSE configuration

o   Micro SD card interface

o   HDMI display

o   Serial UART


  • Early access to leading edge APIs and next generation features. 
  • Long-term commitment of supply assurance from product introduction
  • A product roadmap that keeps developers on the latest technology curve from Qualcomm


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Inforce6320 Datasheet Download
The Inforce BSP explained Download
Inforce 6320 Linux Release Download
Snapdragon 410E APQ8016E Device Specification Download

Secure Downloads

Quick Start Guide Version Size Uploaded On
Inforce 6320 Quick Start Guide Rev A 608 KB 2018-02-13 06:41:00 Download
Reference Manuals Version Size Uploaded On
Hardware Register Description Snapdragon 410E Rev C 2.1 MB 2018-02-13 00:00:00 Download


1. What is the Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform?

The Inforce 6320 platform is a compact networking solution based on the powerful quad core 64-bit Snapdragon™ 410E(APQ8016E) SoC, powered by the ARM® Cortex®-A53 processor. This platform can be easily adapted to deliver wide-ranging solutions that integrate connected devices in the IoE space.

2. Where can I get more information on the Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform? What do I get when I buy one Inforce 6320? Is the device available internationally?

Inforce’s website has a lot of useful information about our SBCs at https://www.inforcecomputing.com/products/single-board-computers.The Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform contains an enclosure and instructions to use it. Please check on the exact product SKU for the availability of enclosure, pre-loaded software and starter kit that includes a 12V power supply. Once you register the product with us online, you can get dedicated support with BSPs for both variants of Linux from Inforce Computing.
The board would be shipped to most places around the world and relevant shipping and excise duty charges apply. Please contact sales-wc@smartwirelesscompute.com for exact pricing.

3. Does Inforce have an active developer forum or blog?

Yes! Inforce has a dedicated discussion platform at https://forums.inforcecomputing.com. You can find our periodic blogs at https://inforcecomputing.com/blog/category/articles. Here you can keep up with all of the latest information about Inforce’s products, conference and trade show appearances, and innovative customer applications.
https://discuss.96boards.org/ is also an excellent resource for developers.


4. How is emission shielding and heat dissipation handled?

The platform comes with a high quality fanless enclosure made of sheet metal and Aluminum heatsink block for excellent emission control and heat dissipation. The enclosure also provisions for DIN rail mounting.

5. What are the accessories available from Inforce?

Our website https://inforcecomputing.com/products/accessories lists all the available accessories and the platforms that they are compliant with. Please note that User Guides and product datasheets are available for all accessories.

6. Does the board support a cellular or GSM connection?

The Inforce 6320 Micro SBC does not include support for a wireless modem. Third party cellular modem dongles can be connected to this platform via USB ports and may require special drivers from the respective manufacturers.

7. What is the storage capacity of the Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform? Is it expandable?

Please check on the exact product SKU for the pre-loaded software and available memory. The on-board storage (eMMC) capacity is 8GB. Memory can be expanded by connecting a Micro-SD card or a USB Hard drive.

8. How powerful is the Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform? What is the speed of the RAM?

The standalone Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform is powered by a quad-core 64-bit ARM®v8 Cortex®-A53 based applications processor capable of 1.2 GHz speed with 512 Kb L2 cache.
The Qualcomm Adreno™ 306 GPU operates at 450 MHz and is capable of 24.3 GFLOPS of general purpose compute.
The onboard DDR3 RAM of 1GB size, which is part of the eMCP package, operates at 533MHz.

9. What types of displays are supported and at what resolution?

HDMI v1.3a supporting 1080p@30fps/720p@60fp are the displays supported.

10. What are the capabilities of the video Decoder?

  Supported Codec Container Format Profile(s) Resolution/Bitrate/Framereate
Video Decoding H.263 hw accelerated • 3GPP (.3gp)
• MPEG-4 (.mp4)
Profile 0 level 70 1080P/20mbps/30fps
H.264 AVC hw accelerated • 3GPP (.3gp)
• MPEG-4 (.mp4)
High profile level 4 1080P/20mbps/30fps
MPEG-4 SP hw accelerated •3GPP (.3gp) Adv Simple profile level 5 1080P/20mbps/30fps
DivX 3.11 Hardware-based     D1 FWGA/2mbps/30fps

11. What is the camera capability?

The Inforce 6320 SBC doesn’t support MIPI-CSI cameras. USB UVC cameras are supported and Inforce has validated cameras of 1080p resolution on this interface.

12. How much power does the board draw? Is it possible to measure the power?

The Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform is powered from a 12V/3A wall adapter. The total approximate power drawn is 12W.

There are test points made available to measure run-time power. Please refer to the user guide for more details on these test points. The input current through the DC jack can also be measured during different usecases.

13. What are the audio capabilities?

Dolby® Digital, DTS®, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio™ are some of the standards that are part of the HDMI Version 1.3a specification.

14. What documents can I access online if I were to purchase the Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform? Are board design files also provided?

We provide datasheets, a User Guide, a Quick Start Guide and a Hardware Reference Manual.Board design files are proprietary and thus not shared.

All software releases are accompanied with release notes, user guides and application notes that describe all the features and the installation procedure. Apart from these, all technical questions related to the platform and the default software addressed to techsupport-wc@smartwirelesscompute.com are promptly answered once the product is registered with us.


Networking, IO and Wireless

15. Does the device support networking and wireless?

Yes, the 6320 platform supports 10/100/1000MB Dual Ethernet through USB2.0 to Gigabit Ethernet controllers. Yes, integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.1 LE is available via the onboard WCN3620.

16. How can I change the MAC address for WiFi/BT/Ethernet on my Board?

This should not be necessary since the correct addresses are programmed before the board is shipped. But if it is still required, please refer to the App Notes available on our TechWeb support portal.

17. What are the IO interfaces available?

Standard I/O interfaces including GbE, I2C and on-board Serial Console are available. There are two USB 2.0 host ports. We also provide a 26 pin expansion header off which 20 GPIOs are available for users. Off the 20 GPIOs, four full BLSPs and 2 lines for an additional BLSP are possible. So if all BLSPs are used, there would be two GPIOs available for use on the expansion header.

18. Does the platform support PoE?

Yes, the platform supports PoE out of the box and no additional accessories are required. The platform provides dual Ethernet ports on USB2.0 to GbE controllers that enable Power Over Ethernet (PoE) supporting 802.3at compliant PD/PSE configuration. This allows the user to provide an Ethernet connection apart from powering your system in any location with just a single cable.



19. What operating systems are supported and what is the OS roadmap?

Debian Linux version BSP package is officially supported and available on Inforce Techweb.
We also provide an Ubuntu Core (Snappy) Build. This Linux package is also officially supported from Inforce Techweb.

20. Is fastboot supported? How to enter fastboot?

Yes. To go to fastboot mode, keep the Fastboot button (refer to the QSG document for Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform for location) pressed before powering on the board. Release it after the board is powered on.

21. I've modified the boot partitions on my board and the board is no longer booting. What should I do?

If the eMMC partitions have been erased or partition table has been corrupted, you need to recover the eMMC using the instructions you can find on Inforce Techweb support portal by referring to the application note called "Inforce 6320 AppNote Recovery of bricked boards using SD Card".

22. How can I get kernel debug messages?

Connect the device’s serial port and debug messages should start to show up on utilities like minicom/putty(if using a windows host).

Inforce Computing offers multiple SKU variants of the Inforce 6320 Application Ready Platform SBC to suit varied end-use applications.
Part Number Description Single Unit PriceAvailability

For more information and to place an order for more quantities or SKU variants, contact the Inforce sales team at (510) 683-9999 or at sales-wc@smartwirelesscompute.com.

Additional Info

SKU IOT6320-10-P1