Our newest Qualcomm QCS610 SoM based solution for rugged Smart Cameras

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Making cities better and better cities through technology

The Challenge

In a few decades, more than half the world’s population would live in urban environments, with most growth happening in small and medium-sized cities. Urbanization and growing demands from this large populace to deliver a better quality of life at a sustainable cost is forcing local authorities to become more self-reliant and increase their capacity to fund local services and institutions. Many cities are in areas vulnerable to climate change, and experience significant shifts from historic weather patterns and an increase in extreme weather events. Effective local resiliency strategies to bolster city and regional stability to counter these are thus increasingly important. Large migration flows into cities rapidly increase the need for services, such as affordable housing, employment opportunities and sanitation.

Inforce’s Solution

Smart technologies can help cities meet these challenges and it all starts with data. Cities generate tons of it and finding insights in all that data helps municipal governments tackle the most complex problems they are facing today. Cognitive computing tools give city planners the ability to analyze and draw insights from what would be an overwhelming amount of unstructured or difficult-to-consume data and enable them to make decisions based on evidence. They can derive simple insights from unstructured information, such as images, weather and social media data and use them for instance, to identify when more road maintenance will be required to fix or prevent potentially dangerous road conditions, such as large potholes. Using digital signage to deliver real-time information about delays enables public transport users to adjust their routes on the fly. Installing IoT sensors on existing physical infrastructure can help crews perform predictive maintenance, fixing problems before they turn into breakdowns and delays. Collecting and analyzing data on public transit usage and traffic can also help cities make better decisions about modifying bus routes, installing traffic signals and turn lanes, adding bike lanes, and allocating infrastructure budgets.

Inforce Computing’s integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon applications processor based solutions address all the above issues with product-ready designs suited for IoT solutions that can be deployed seamlessly in Smart city application. These solutions make it possible to separate demand into granular parts owing to which, infrastructure assets and systems no longer need to be so highly centralized since the compute complexity is on the edge.

Inforce’s family of products provide cost effective and high-compute intense CPU, GPU, DSP, and ISP.

Inforce’s application ready compact networking platform, which can be used as an IoT edge gateway with option for routing capabilities is an apt choice for the Smart city use cases. The platform uses Qualcomm’s well proven and powerful 64-bit Snapdragon 410E processor (APQ8016E) at its core. This platform provides dual Ethernet ports to support Power-Over-Ethernet that allows you to provide an Ethernet connection apart from powering your system in any location with just a single cable.

The Inforce Micro SOMs offer upward compatibility for pin and form factor with existing carrier boards when migrating to new Snapdragon processor based SOMs when required. These enable handheld and battery powered solutions that can provide instant information about air quality, traffic, health services, safety alerts, and what not instantly.

Digital intelligence making it possible to do more with less. Connected applications running on smart devices put real-time, transparent information into the hands of residents to help them make better choices. These tools can save lives, prevent crime, and reduce the disease burden apart from boosting social connectedness. When cities function more efficiently, they also become more productive places to do business, become more livable and more responsive!

Smart city solutions need to respond more effectively and dynamically to the needs and desires of residents. They need to be easy to install, offer high levels of security and operate with minimal human intervention apart from requiring guaranteed long-term supply assurance for availability of parts with no product obsolescence. Inforce Computing ensures these apart from having a strict version control for continued hardware/software compatibility.