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IoT Device Management on SMART Wireless Products

Iot Device Management on Smart Products

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand its reach extensively, as more and more devices get connected to collaborate together with the intent of gathering and sharing data. This ecosystem consists of diverse devices, different networks, varied protocols, connections, clouds and databases. Devices range from sensors and single purpose modules, to powerful gateways that route communications for groups of devices. The use cases and requirements for IoT operators too vary significantly across industries. Installed devices will need software updates and bug fixes and a few may need to be repaired or replaced owing to hardware failures. For applications reliant on this ecosystem to deliver transformative business value, a scalable and dependable IoT device management solution is necessary that ensures that all devices are current, always accessible and secure. Device management refers to all of the tools, capabilities and processes necessary to support IoT solutions effectively at scale. Continue reading IoT Device Management on SMART Wireless Products