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Newsletter from Inforce Computing about Inforce 6601 Micro SOM

We’re excited to share some great news with you. Inforce Computing’s much anticipated, highest performing, and cross-compatible Micro SOM based on the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 embedded processor (APQ8096 SoC) is here! Coming close on the heels of Snapdragon 820 processor-based high-end smartphone announcements at the recent 2016 Mobile World Congress, designers can now leverage the same underlying cutting edge mobile technologies for implementing next-gen embedded systems. The Inforce 6601™ Micro SOM delivers a superior compute platform to enable advanced AR/VR based wearable, computer vision, 4K HEVC video encode/decode, medical imaging, video analytics, and high-end IoT applications, to name a few. Designers can also seamlessly upgrade from legacy Inforce 6401™ and Inforce 6501™ Micro SOM based designs. You can download a datasheet of the Inforce 6601 Micro SOM here and read an informative FAQ here >>>.

There’s a wealth of technical information in this newsletter to help you get more out of your embedded designs: (a) Learn about how to perform Android over-the-air (OTA) updates for Inforce’s products. (b) If you’ve been waiting to run Windows 10 IoT Core on the Inforce 6309 Micro SBC, now there’s a clear set of instructions on downloading, setting up, and running it. (c) Enabling the Qualcomm® Fluence™ Pro noise cancellation technology on the Inforce 6540™ SBC Platform (d) Accessing BLSPs on Inforce products powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor.
Coming soon from Inforce Computing: New accessories, software updates, and products. The upcoming HDMI-to-CSI adapter accessory card (Inforce ACC-1S80) will support streaming of 4K UHD videos from multiple sources such as HDMI cameras, along with the required software device drivers. We also now have the industry’s first fully validated (DVT) extended temperature support for Snapdragon processor-based embedded boards (production-ready Inforce 6309 Micro SBC). Improved Linux driver support for the Inforce 6309 Micro SBC WiFi and GPS functions will be available soon. New Linux device drivers supporting cameras on the Snapdragon 805 platform can be downloaded as well. New products and accessories in the pipeline for Q2’16 include the Inforce 6301™ Micro SOM based on the Snapdragon 410 processor (cross-compatible with Inforce’s all four generations of Micro SOMs), and a brand new camera adapter card based on the Sony IMX230 sensor (Raw/Bayer format 21 MP camera). Stay tuned for updates on availability .
As always, we appreciate and value your feedback–please don’t hesitate to reach out/write to us if you would like to see a specific topic discussed in these columns. We are striving to deliver more valuable technical whitepapers and tech-notes, so please stay tuned and happy reading!

From the editorial desk at Inforce Computing.


Whitepaper: Android Firmware Over-the-Air Update on Inforce Products Powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ ProcessorAndroid Over-the-Air update on Inforce Products
End-users seek to enjoy the benefits offered by the newer versions of Android on their devices. Leveraging the underlying internet backbone to ensure reliability of an update becomes a bottleneck on the device side. Android over-the-air (OTA) framework addresses this limitation efficiently……. Read more »
Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core on the Inforce 6309 SBC
Technical note: Installing Windows® 10 IoT Core on the Inforce 6309™ Micro SBC Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 Processor
 Windows 10 IoT Core is the newer edition for Microsoft® Windows 10 that is optimized for small form-factor embedded devices and headless industrial IoT systems. This tech note is intended to walk embedded designers through downloading, installing, and running Windows 10 IoT Core on the Inforce 6309 Micro SBC……. Read more »
Enabling Noise Cancellation Technology on the Inforce 6540 SBC
Technical note: Enabling the Qualcomm® Fluence™ Pro Noise Cancellation Technology on the Inforce 6540™ SBC Platform
 Some say hearing is believing! Audio quality is critical to modern embedded applications that strive to deliver an immersive multimedia experience. Conventional noise cancellation and reduction technologies segment audio signals sourced from a microphone in time and frequency planes. These techniques also suppress background noise by applying various gains to different signal segments. If your embedded application can leverage the Fluence Pro noise cancellation technologies that are inherent to several Snapdragon processors, here’re a few steps on enabling them….. Read more »
Accessing BLSP on Snapdragon 820Technical note: Accessing BLSPs on Inforce products Powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 Processor (APQ8096 SoC)
 Qualcomm provides access to low speed peripherals that are available on the Snapdragon processors through BLSPs. The Bus Access Manager/Module (BAM) can be considered as a distributed data mover (DM). BLSP is a new design on target chipsets that replaces the legacy GSBI core…… Read more »


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SMART Wireless Publishing is our official publishing channel for newsletter, blog articles and press releases.