Inforce Insights September 2016: Vol.2 Issue 5–the Newsletter of Inforce Computing

Inforce Insights September 2016

We are excited to share with you this month’s Inforce Insights newsletter. In this issue, we have a product spotlight onthe FUJIFILM SonoSite® iViz™. Designed with an Inforce 6400™ SOM, the FUJIFILM SonoSiteiViz is a commercialized ultrasound device that you can easily fit into your pocket. Learn more about how it is saving lives around the world including 5 soldiers in Afghanistan. We also have a technical brief on enabling ROS (Robot Operating Systems) on Inforce platforms, and specifically how a robot kit Turtlebot™ is using Inforce platforms as its heart. Next, we dive into the benefits of the Hexagon™ DSP SDK on Inforce platforms and how you can create an interactive user experience in less time. Lastly, we end with a technical article explaining how you can protect your premium digital content on Inforce based devices with Google’s®Widevine™ DRM. Happy reading!


  • Inforce 6309™ is now shipping with full functionality, including LVDS interface
  • Inforce 6309x™ will be shipping in mid-September and will include LVDS, a thermal shield and a real-time clock (RTC).
  • We are now accepting orders for the much anticipated Inforce 6601™ development kit. Limit 1 per customer and lead time is 2-3 weeks due to large demand

The FUJIFILM SonoSite®iViz™, designed with Inforce 6400™ system on module, is saving lives all around the world

Mobility and connectivity has changed our lives in many astonishing ways from how we play to how we work, and now it is actually saving lives. FUJIFILM SonoSite® has leveraged the Inforce 6400™ system on module to build a portable ultrasound machine, iViz™, to be used in remote locations where people are in need of medical attention such as ambulances, battlefields, emergency rooms, or even in the hands of a midwife.


In Afghanistan, 5 American soldiers will live to see another day because of this ground breaking technology. Read more>>

Robot’s hearts are beating with Inforce platforms as the main computing device with Robot Operating Systems (ROS) and the possibilities are now endless

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a collection of tools, libraries, and conventions that aim to simplify the task of creating complex and robust robot behavior across a wide variety of robotic platforms. ROS encourages collaborative robotics software development. For example, one laboratory might have experts in mapping indoor environments, and could contribute a world-class system for producing maps. Another group might have experts at using maps to navigate, and yet another group might have discovered a computer vision approach that works well for recognizing small objects in clutter. ROS was designed specifically for groups like these to collaborate and build upon each other’s work. With this, the primary goal of ROS becomes to support code reuse in robotics research and development and it is all open source! Read more>>

Enabling SDK for Hexagon™ DSP on Inforce Platforms in order to create an interactive user experience in less time

DSPs are specialized processors dedicated to digital signal processing. Similar to GPUs, DSPs are designed to perform a very specific subset of tasks and also to exploit parallelism. Like CPUs, they often make use of SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) and VLIW processing to boost throughput and total performance per watt. CPUs such as Snapdragon™ can handle these tasks (and sometimes do), but DSPs offer better performance than general processors, and more flexibility than a traditional ASIC. Qualcomm’s® Hexagon™ DSP is designed to accelerate certain workloads at performance efficiencies well above anything a modern CPU can offer. Read more>>Hexagon DSP

Protecting your premium HD content with Widevine™ Digital rights management (DRM) on Inforce platforms

Multimedia contentmust be protected against unauthorized access and distribution and thus needs protection. Qualcomm® provides a comprehensive content security through its hardware and firmware which allows users to seamlessly enjoy the latest premium content, at up to 4K Ultra HD resolution.


The Content Protection feature on Qualcomm chipsets protects premium HD content based on the Qualcomm’s TrustZone (TZ) solution. TrustZone is a hardware based security system built into Qualcomm chipsets to provide secure end points and roots of trust. Read more>>



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