Inforce Computing at Embedded World 2017

From robots cooking sausages to an augmented reality BMW® i8™ test drive, Embedded World showed the latest and greatest the embedded world had to offer. Internet of Things was no doubt at the center of the show and we were thrilled to see so many eager developers with such unique applications for Snapdragon™ technology ranging from surgical devices to industrial automation and smart city management.Inforce Computing at Embedded World 2017

Inforce Computing had a big presence this year in Nuremberg, partnering with big names such as Basler AG®, Arrow Electronics®, and Qualcomm® to show our diverse and growing roadmap of Snapdragon-powered platforms and Inforce services.  New platforms such as Inforce 6640™, Snapdragon 820 SBC, and Inforce 6309L™, cost-optimized Snapdragon 410E SBC, made their debut into the embedded community.

@Basler Booth

Basler and Inforce Computing® came together to give them embedded community of and embedded vision system available today which works immediately off the shelf.  Basler cameras are known for their quality industrial cameras and now paired with an Inforce board, developers have a product ready system solution for applications such as industrial automation, medical technology, retail, and smart city systems.

Simulating a retail application in the digital signage space, an Inforce 6540™ was connected to a Basler Dart through USB3.0 while using a facial recognition algorithm to calculate age, gender, and an attention score with each participant who walked by.  This demo showed the value of an off-the-shelf high-end camera with the power of Snapdragon to be able to provide sophisticated analytics of the target audience to an advertiser.  If you walked by multiple times, regardless of trying to change appearance with glasses, it would recognize your face and you would not be counted again in the tracker.  Inforce and Basler’s integration can make an application like this very easy to productize.

@Arrow Booth

Inforce Computing and Arrow have partnered together to distribute Inforce products and services.  Arrow not only sells Inforce SOMs, single board computers and development kits powered by Snapdragon but now has opened the availability of Inforce Services.  Inforce services can include carrier design packages, custom design services, support contracts, and more.  Together with Arrow, we can deliver a full turnkey solution for embedded development.

Inforce debuted Inforce 6640 at the Arrow booth by displaying a FastCV corner detection and other computer vision features that require the Adreno 530 GPU’s real-time processing and hardware acceleration.  We also introduced Inforce 6309L, a micro SBC optimized to match the cost and features of DragonBoard™ 410c but made for production.  Inforce and Arrow FAEs from EMEA region were eager to show what is new for Inforce’s growing roadmap and Inforce services through Arrow distribution.

@Qualcomm Booth

Inforce and Qualcomm partnership dates all the way back to 2013, to the first days of Snapdragon entering the embedded world.  In those 5 years, we have brought four generations of both single board computers and micro SOMs powered by Snapdragon to many advanced embedded applications.  All these platforms were showcased around the Qualcomm booth. We were also able to show off successful commercial devices built with Inforce platforms in the video collaboration and medical space including SonoSite’s iViz portable ultrasound machine which saves lives all around the world.  We are excited for the future as the Snapdragon technology continues to improve and devices become smarter.

And that’s a wrap. For questions on any of these live demos or offerings, please contact  We will see you next year for Embedded World 2018!


Erin Hartje

Erin Hartje is Inforce Computing's Product Marketing Manager.

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