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The product configuration you chose is a build-to-order (BTO) option.

Typical lead time for BTO SKU fulfilment is 6-8 weeks. Please contact Inforce computing at

+1-510-683 9999

or send an email to

for accurate pricing and shipping times.

Alternatively, you may choose a standard off-the-shelf configuration for faster shipment lead times.

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Jumpstart Your Embedded Design

with everything you’ve ever wanted in a development platform. Product development has never been this easier. Inforce’s development kits and accessories are like high-end Swiss Army Knives but available at very affordable prices. These development platforms are based on the latest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors and come standard with either Android or Linux board support packages and device drivers for peripheral devices.

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Innovate with Application Optimized Plug-and-Play Solutions

Inforce provides targeted/ready-made building blocks optimized for industry specific applications to take your design to the market faster. Vertical specific solutions in robotics/UAV, videoconferencing/ collaboration, medical imaging, and wearable hands-free computing can be quickly put together with several readily available hardware and software building blocks.

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Scale from Development to Mass Manufacturing Seamlessly

Inforce’s low-cost OTS/BTO Snapdragon processor based SBCs and SOMs with different form factors, comprehensive connectivity, and video/audio interfaces provide excellent product ready solutions. When you are ready to integrate your prototype design into your final product packaging, you don’t have to run around in circles with multiple companies, driving up your costs and delaying your projects. We’ve got you completely covered. Accelerate your time-to-market―Inforce is your one-stop shop from product development and support to mass production.

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Accessorize Your Board

Complementing Inforce's SoMs, SBCs, and development kits is a host of hi-resolution cameras, displays, and other accessories to take full advantage of the versatile set of peripheral interfaces. Whether you are building a stereo 3D camera for depth sensing or want a high-megapixel camera for a sophisticated facial or pattern recognition application, accessorizing your modules and boards brings out the best of the compute power offered by Snapdragon processors. Don't go bare, go bold!

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